*tries to watch 45 minutes episode in 20 minutes*


This video was brought to my attention today, and I have never felt so sad for someone that I don’t know. I’m also from the south and have had many friends treated this very way when coming out. I was lucky and had a supportive family beside me through it all, but some of us are just not that lucky. My thoughts are with Daniel today, and everyday, and I hope that he is able to move on from this and surround himself with people that love and support him.

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Cats are liquids, as they conform to the shape of their container.

I don’t even know what that noise that just escape my mouth was but omg safkausgfdsa\dhksud

Dancing Optopus


5sos could LITERALLY have a whole week of events planned out specifically for fans and y’all would act like it wasn’t good enough cos it doesn’t fit your standards